Wednesday, November 29, 2023
roman around

Roman Rivera’s dog, Rhythm, suddenly passed away. Anyone with a family pet understands that loss of a family member. Rivera translates that pain into chugging percussion, swirling guitars, and yearning vocals with roman around’s latest single, aptly named “Rhythm”.

They purposefully leave the lyrics vague so anyone who has experienced loss can relate. Whether you need empathy from a breakup or solace from your own lost pet, the lyrics are brilliantly ambiguous.  “I come home late, and you must hate me” almost sounds like you’re about to break up with someone. But knowing Rivera’s Rhythm, it takes on a new light.

The music video cuts between various family pets. It’s almost joyful if not for all the descending musical lines. And that threatening sorrow appears at 2:38. The palette desaturates and shifts cooler as a veterinarian delivers an injection while Rivera cradles their dog.

The previously buzzing sonics become angry, the guitar raging against the other quieter instruments. Rapid cuts in the video reinforce just how large the hole left by Rhythm’s departure has left.

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Then the musical eulogy ends. The screen goes black, a literal bell tolls the end. The distorted climax resolves to nothing. And we’re left wanting the opening bars one more time to reassure us, to help us remember the good moments once again.

Watch “Rhythm” below.

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