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Delv - Someone That Knows You

Like most everyone, 2020 brought Kris Leigh many new experiences. She crystalized her thoughts from this year and expressed them through her solo indie folk/electro-folk project Delv.

 "Someone That Knows You", her first release in a 12-part series called Gardens and Plantings, takes her first isolation insight and sets them to ethereal music. The full name of the project is "We all harbor concealed gardens and plantings," a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche.

Delv wraps these mysteries in metaphor. "Someone That Knows Me" explores the meaning behind morning light laying the first seeds in her Philadelphia apartment floorboards. Like a mother soothing a baby, Delv lulls the ears with a gentle, quiet melody. Their simple triadic harmony rests easy, freezing the morning moment for listeners to explore.

It's poetry and prose. With straightforward language, Delv obscures meaning leaving multiple interpretations to each lyric. But the ambiguity's intentional–discovering is just as important as learning.

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Close your eyes and follow the delicate guitar fingering, expansive synths, and hushed vocals mirroring humanity's vulnerability. A tender sound follows her bright truth.

Watch Delv perform "Someone That Knows You" with Abigail Vettese below.


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