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In line for a music festival, a taxi pulls up and you hear your name shouted. Your life forever changes.

That's the real-life story of "July 20", the second single from TUSHAR's upcoming album to be released in 2022. Chronicling the story and emotion of meeting his future lover, TUSHAR weaves their drinking, dancing, and partying all night at this musical festival into each bar.

Their passionate energy resonates in the mellow vocals over intense guitars. The mix of shyness and intent as the two fall deeper in love carries into the lyrics. "I get nervous when you look at me." It coy flirting backed with tentative backing vocals and synths.

"Hearing your voice over the sound of all this noise" takes them through the night. The heart-pounding chorus rocking out with heavy guitars both mirrors the music festival and the intensity of their connection.

The single "sweet July" night is short, just like this song which comes in under two and half minutes, but that makes it all the more memorable. That electrifying flash meeting lingers in your mind. The high-energy instrumental outro abruptly ends, leaving you with your thoughts and the desire for more. Luckily, this is just the beginning for TUSHAR.

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Stream "July 20" below.

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