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Jobs in creative fields hold a special kind of stress. The expectations of managers, fans, and especially yourself can weigh heavy. And years of that can leave you jaded. But if you ask Meyru, they'll reflect with some positivity.

"I'd Ask.. But I Know You're Alright" is the latest single from the indie band. "Sometimes there's stress that comes along with 'trying to make it' in music." As they say, "this song is our lighthearted reminder that everything's all good and to not take anything too seriously."

The laid-back guitar and simple melodic line echo this chill vibe. Even the vocals skew zen. "These days we're hanging back, and I don't mind." And while there are moments where the bass and guitar kick it into high gear, the other bandmates take a more moderate approach, elevating their energy slightly, but moderating the whole tone so it doesn't feel out of control.

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The vocals, carrying a slight swing, play catchup to the beat, exuding a calmness. Bright, psychedelic guitar riffs mellow out any edges. All in all, Meyru create a sense of acceptance in an anxiety-inducing topic.

Stream "I'd Ask.. But I Know You're Alright" below.

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