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Casey Dubie

Hard and soft, up and down, hot and coldโ€”you can't have one without the other, but you can't experience them both at the same time. Somehow, you have to reconcile the opposites into a single concept. Casey Dubie touches on that in "Blue and Golden", the latest single from her upcoming 7-track EP.

Duality exists everywhere, including ourselves. It's coexisting with those parts that lead to who we are, often in a way we can't see ourselves. "If only you could see what I see," the quiet yet powerful voice starts. "That you're so easy, breezy boy," she concludes.

Even the song itself is a mixture of disparate parts merged into harmony. Starting minimalistic, it takes until 0:35 to hear a full chord ring out. Drums don't introduce the full sound until 0:48. Each layer is pulled apart for us to analyze, revealing what "Blue and Golden" is at the structural level.

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Every turn Casey Dubie built into this song ladders back to our own dualities. And like any person, it takes a while to get a complete picture. So listen on repeat; it's worth it.

Stream "Blue and Golden" below.

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