British trio Plastic Sun today released a new song called “I’m Too Tired”. The track is the fourth release from the alt-pop band in 2020 and the fifth since their 2019 debut.

The group in an official statement said that the song is about “being exhausted with life to the point it’s actually kind of liberating and you stop caring.” According to them, the latest number was finished during a late night session at their favorite studio in North London.

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“The night drifted away and the day began to break at which point we slipped into some weird coma-like state,” they explained. “That influenced the emotional content of the song.”

“I’m Too Tired” sees lead singer Joshua Woo singing adrift on top of guitarist Alessandro Melchior’s delicate, spellbinding guitar patterns, as though suspended in space and wallowing in obscurity. “And like a teardrop in a raging sea/ These lines on my face they mean nothing/ I don’t care anymore,” he reflects.

Underneath Woo’s and Melchior’s abstraction is drummer Keir Adamson’s modest, pulsating drumming, which makes for an ironically upbeat nostalgic cadence. Together the three-piece succeed in creating such a melodic anthem—arguably their most atmospheric to date.

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Stream “I’m Too Tired” below and check out Plastic Sun.


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