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Oshima Brothers

Unlike me, some people love to grocery shop. The Oshima Brothers happen to be that kind of person. "I love grocery shopping," says Sean Oshima. And thus, "Disco Down the Aisle" was born.

The fun, danceable, happy-go-lucky track can be best described as "good bad music." It's silly, it's over the top, and you can't help but keep listening about how they want to buy groceries.

"Doing the disco down the aisle," the start. Already three seconds in, and the tone is set. This pump-up music and smile-inducing music video make you want to pick up tomatoes and lettuce. With wacky dancing and confused passersby (some of whom even get in on the dancing action), it's just feel-good all around.

There are even cheeky little asides like, "Hope the checkout lady likes my style." Maybe the lemon is half food and half flirt?

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Next time you need to pick up milk at the corner store, maybe you'll "Disco Down The Aisle" too.

Watch "Disco Down the Aisle" below. The track is part of the bros' brand new album, Dark Nights Golden Days.

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