Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Not even COVID-19 could stop Catch Prichard from recording “Lipstick and Fur”, album

The frontman reportedly manifested symptoms of the disease throughout the recording sessions.

“Lipstick and Fur” sends sonic streams of luscious horns that hug listeners into this tango-influenced tale.  Timeless creators like Leonard Cohen echo in the baritone bellows of lead singer Sawyer Gebauer, who resonates weighty expression with his style and lyrics.

It seems obvious that the artists featured in this band and track have created a cohesive unit together that gives space and attention to each layer of sound. Despite the presence of thoughtful strings, horns, drum kit, bass—you name it—there is a sense of minimalism and delicacy in the way Catch Prichard execute their music.

The Oakland-based project surprisingly recorded this tune amongst many found on their upcoming album I Still Miss Teresa Benoit while Gebauer was ill with COVID-19. The frontman reportedly manifested symptoms of the disease throughout the recording sessions before the country fully embraced its presence.

Despite these physical ailments and the impact they had on the delivery and timbre of Gebauer’s vocals, the band decided to leave the takes as they were, acknowledging the idea that the material was recorded “under the direct influence of this cryptic virus.” In its essence, this song delivers the power of adaptation and marks a  physical memento to the pandemic, which for many musicians has slowed down performances but encouraged writing, creative innovations, and recordings that would otherwise have not existed.

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Stream “Lipstick and Fur” below.

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