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Nicholas Cangiano

If you've ever been in the dating game, you've fallen for someone who doesn't feel the same way. And even when you've settled into that knowledge, it doesn't make it any easier. Nicholas Cangiano brings you into this zone with him in his latest single, "The Moves".

"You've got the moves," he sings, both in awe and as a complaint. We want what he wants right along with him. And we both can't have. "You're my weakness," and ours. His sultry vocals ensure we feel just as much desire as he does.

But vocals aside, where this track really shines is in the bassline. The groovy bass slinks and slides even more expressively than Cangiano's vocals. There's a rocking rhythm embedded in that clean sound that rocks you into a state of numbness as the vocals lull you with hypnotic smoothness.

The only thing that breaks you out of this near-catatonic state is the chorus. These chords and shifts in harmony try to break you free from this dark place in Cangiano's mind, but it's never enough. We're always pulled back in with a verse.

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Stream "The Moves" below.

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