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Ned Moss

For some, it's easier to be kind to others than to themselves. Ned Moss has a friend sinking in their own deteriorating mental health for this exact reason.

"Capsize" is a plea to their friend to turn an ounce of their caring energy back on themselves. "I don't know why you wear your heart on the outside," he sings. "If you stay this course, you'll capsize."

The guitar pitch bends down time and again, sinking alongside the friend into a wash of atmospheric sounds. Dreamy harmonies pour out of this sound bed, emphasized by occasional overtones and harmonics. But those bright patches get swallowed up because they can't stand on their own in the vocal-forward mix. Their being drowned out is a perfect metaphor for this message.

Even the guitar supports the vocals instead of giving itself space to do its own thing, often doubling the vocal melody as the harmony recedes. It's only in the bridge where it weeps its emotional state for a few bars. But without the vocals, it's all alone.

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"Capsize" beautifully captures the pain of watching a friend sink into that mental dark place. We feel like we're capsizing with them.

Stream "Capsize" and all of Ned Moss below.

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