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Nature TV

Nature TV return with their latest single, "Gracie". The groove-heavy, surfer rock vibes paint a carefree veneer over the deep and painful lyrics. Guy Bangham's melodious voice balances world-weary gravel and naive hope with multilayered lyrics like "say goodnight but leave the light on."

Even the guitars teeter between supporting the vocals and making their own statements. James Hunt's syncopated sections often feel more like he's rhythmically interrupting the weighty words, interjecting a truth willfully ignored.

But with an emphasis on treble running through every section, no matter how dark it starts to feel, there's a bittersweet note that keeps it from falling into despair. Josh Eriskin's bass keeps a shimmering feel, lifting the heaviness. And, as Zal Jones' pushes the tempo on the drums, you can feel the desire the whole band's created in "Gracie".

"Gracie, I just want to feel again," they plead. It's heart-heavy, but not one-sided. "Lay beside me when you feel the need to end your silent spree," they offer. The imperfect give and take of life, mirrored in their music, is enough to break your heart in the best way possible.

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Stream "Gracie" below.

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