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Thursday, July 18, 2024
Naked Animals

The day you learn love isn't a fairytale with guaranteed happily ever afters is the day you truly learn about heartbreak. Naked Animals deliver on that painful epiphany in "One More Time."

Starting with a just dirty-enough guitar opening, Naked Animals bring us into an unreal place between hope and reality. Even the music video plays up the fictional feel with a stop motion-like style, absurd scenarios, and extreme use of colors. It's almost cartoonish but with the appropriate tinge of pain.

"I've been told this ain't no fairytale," they admit. Despite the depressing sentiment, Naked Animals weave it into a catchy hook. And that seems to be a hallmark of this piece: a harsh or heavy lyric buoyed up by bright pops of harmony and a head-bouncing melody.

By the time they arrive at the final few licks and lyrics, the masked melancholy feels doubly impactful, like you're experiencing learning about love's heartache again beside them. It feels fitting that one of the lines concludes, "so long, farewell. I hope it's not goodbye."

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Watch "One More Time" below.

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