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Envisioning a better future starts with acknowledging your present. Nikoli Partiyeli (better known as NIKOLI) projects this positivity and grounded outlook in the first release from his upcoming EP, Slightly Imperfect. "Moves" traces Nikoli's thoughts on his past, present, and hopeful future.

Changing one's future isn't new for Nikoli. Previously, he released music under the alias Elais Park. And he's built his reputation as a director and video editor for some household names like Foster The People, Wallows, and The Cold War Kids. You can almost hear the cinematic influence in the reflective tonality of the opening to "Moves".

"Hope I don't get caught in the past," he fearfully sings, the rise and fall of a character arc woven through the verse. Later, he admits that he's "stuck in his head," setting up the "need" for our protagonist.

As Nikoli's voice fragments, layering harmony over itself, we can feel the inner conflict slowly building tension and resolving. The climax erupts with the supporting electric guitar in the last verse.

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And as the quiet outro resolves to silence, it feels like we're fading to black. The hero's journey has ended, and we've returned to our world with a fresh, hopeful perspective.

Stream "Moves" below.

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