Monday, September 25, 2023
Love Crumbs

The power trio of Ali McTavish’s voice, Mike Dubuque’s guitar, and Scott Wolfram’s upright bass return after a decade-long hiatus. Separately, they’ve opened for household names like Weezer, The Grateful Dead, Buckethead, and The Talking Heads. Together, they’re presenting poignant perspectives on complicated issues with a rocking tone that begs to be put on repeat.

Their latest single, “Ellipses”, opens with stunning block chords and a guitar riff that bounces the melody along. By the time Ali’s voice breaks the first lyric “Fortune smiles upon the brave,” the music has already established a forlorn pain.

The raw vocal tones counter the sparkling keys that feel like broken hopes. Are you my “friend, my peace or pain,” Ali asks. The guitar’s shift in the riff rebuts with ambiguity. There’s something left unsaid and the distance between these two stunning lines pulls us into the heart of the pain.

The band states, “Closure isn’t something that someone gives us… it’s something we have to come to on our own.” “Ellipses” masterfully leaves out that connection. It’s up to us to work through it with their ever-shifting drums and shimmering harmony.

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Stream “Ellipses” below.

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