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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Dave Moran, Justin Waite, Jeremy Newton-Smith, and Nathan Thompson claim to be a no-frills band out of Cleveland. But that doesn't mean they can't pull out all the stops. In their newest release, "Weight of the World", they explore their softer side. It acts as a follow-up to their debut album Conjuress.

Pharmacy Keys open their ballad counting in a simple guitar. As they strum the opening harmony, war footage projects over their face. A somber, harrowing start. "Keep your head on at all cost," they implore—a literal and metaphorical axiom given the mood they've set.

The heavy wet reverb bleeds chords into each other, washing the harmony together. A weightless progression mirrored with a lone woman, dancing by herself in a pool, barely keeping her head above water.

When the chorus sings, "Let the weight of the world come crashing down," it's both a warning and a request: a momentary release of weariness—whether it's a brush with death or they're crushed by it, it's time to let go.

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This song is "no-frills," but that's because it's honest. War, promises, and jadedness aren't soft subjects, but need a soft touch. "Weight of the World" gently delivers.

Watch the official music video below.

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