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Ciao Lucifer

Let it all go and live in the moment. That's Ciao Lucifer's take in their latest single, "Trip". The first of five tracks leading up to their August album drop, "Trip" embodies the easily danceable style these two high school friends have developed.

The bouncy, upbeat rhythm plugging away beneath the easily singable lyrics makes "Trip" a perfect addition to any party playlist, getting people to "move till we can't feel our feet," as they sing. So, forget your insecurities and let your hormones do the talking because "anything can happen after midnight." And if all that's not enough, they cover the party hook with a kazoo.

You can feel the pure bromance between the two musicians just having a great time as they encourage listeners to do the same. You can feel the moments where they want the crowd to join in. Whether you're on a packed dance floor or singing a living room solo, Ciao Lucifer brings the right energy.

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If you're ready to live in the moment with them, dance over to the stream button and warm up your kazoo.

Stream "Trip" below. The song is currently available only on SoundCloud.

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