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Slow Coda

With a reversed loop ramping up in volume, Slow Coda open the second single from their upcoming debut LP, World of Motion. "Gap Year" floats in a carefree, upbeat river of '90s nostalgia. Looking back at a "wasted year" spent figuring out what life should be, songwriting duo Tavis Balkin and Nicholas Morford relate to being the slacker wishing change didn't have to happen.

"The days go by. My head grows up beneath the trees. Just hanging around." The lackadaisical lyrics reflect on the tranquility that's soon to be shattered by whatever next step you choose. "Did it ever occur to you that this is about to end?" they ask themselves.

But while the realization sinks in, the music video remains in early MTV days. Vibrant colors desaturated and filled with film grain bleed off the musicians. Rough cut photoshop collage sets stages and intermingles with the scenes. Even the guitars' timbre feels like a '90s grunge-lite bed for the ethereal falsetto lyrics to build from.

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The inward reflection and reassessment feel perfectly suited for a band called Slow Coda. As the "Gap Year" ends, this section of life comes to a close. It's not the final chapter, just a preparation for the next section.

Watch "Gap Year" below.

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