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"Cause I don't want to live a life, life/ With another's eyes, eyes/ You'd make all my endorphins scream," Atlanta-born, Boston-based artist Joshua Pearlstein sings over an upbeat, instantly catchy rhythm that's sure to hook pop music fans. "Endorphins", his latest offering, has now racked up over a thousand streams since releasing last week.

Thanks to the girl who turned him down, the indie music producer has made the experience into a candid expression of unrequited love. "I made this song in 36 hours from start to finish after a girl rejected me, and everything just clicked," reveals Pearlstein, adding, "I wrote this song because of a feeling I have that the Divine forces that be are keeping love away from me because it would distract me from making music."

The singer-songwriter, who is currently a student at the Berklee College of Music, through "Endorphins" proves himself to be among the most exciting musicians to emerge this year. The track marks Pearlstein's third release aimed at taking his music to the next level. He possesses a bold vision for his music career, much like his influences such as Michael Jackson and Prince, to name a few.

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Joshua Pearlstein prides himself on being lauded by Berklee professors early into his career as he continues to hone his songwriting skills and develop his unique creative significance.

Listen to "Endorphins" below.

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