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Orange Country singer-songwriter John Mapes released a new song today. “Grand Scheme of Things”, written around the themes of strength in unity and the power of creating impact in one’s own ways, is a poetic, tuneful song that exhibits the musician’s knack for writing meaningful and inspiring gems.

“‘Grand Scheme of Things’ is an inspirational song that is much needed today,” says Mapes of the track. “It’s hard to feel like any of us alone can make much of a difference in this world, but ‘Together we can be the biggest wave you’ve ever seen.'”

Mapes, who is a pretty established musician, has just returned from a 15-year hiatus. His acoustic EP Everyday Is a Battle was released back in May, which he most recently followed up with a track called “Running In Circles”.

The one-man band is now gearing up for his yet-unnamed second material, which will also feature his latest release.

Stream “Grand Scheme of Things” below.

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