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Thursday, July 18, 2024
Incendiary Sweet

The lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of Incendiary Sweet, Victoria, suffered a spinal cord injury and now uses a wheelchair. But she's also a world champion adaptive surfer. That's proof that she knows how to adapt a situation to her benefit. So, when COVID locked musicians out of bars, she used it to launch her music career with Incendiary Sweet.

Their latest single, "Physics & Chemistry", is also about capturing the opportunity. In this case, the rare (and often delightfully disastrous) flings we find with people whom we "just have good chemistry with."

"It's the physics, babe. It's the chemistry. It's the power of electricity," the chorus builds. There're some serious high school nostalgia vibes built into this '90s-inspired track, making it easy to conjure up all the memories of the people we vibed with (and wished we vibed with).

The melodic riff leans into the often short-lived fire of these romances. The catchy line's movement ends early, letting each bar feel disconnected from the next. This start-stop pattern leaves us yearning for either the perfect connection or the irresistible destruction. But we're left with pulsing drums and raging desires only.

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Stream "Physics & Chemistry" below.

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