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That feeling when you start to realize that love just isn't there anymore is hard to describe, to say the least. There's mostly sadness, but within the confusion and regret lies some sort of relief. Relief that what you're thinking is right. That it's coming to a close.

Dutch/English indie band INU INU invoke these emotions well with their latest release, "Astray". It's a song about a relationship that's fading away, ever so slowly. A relationship where there is so much to be said, but nothing is to be talked about. A song that gets you all up in your feelings, and pretty well at that.

"Astray" is the last single off the band's upcoming EP, Gone Astray. The song also comes with a beautiful, nostalgic music video full of color and retro vibes that tell the painful story of a failed relationship.

The video seems to take us on a trip down memory lane, through different dates that the couple went on. From dancing, to the ice rink, and even to a bowling alley. And despite us never seeing their face, mostly only seeing their legs, we can already sense how much emotion is being portrayed, how much pain and remembrance there is in those situations. Pain that can only come from a relationship that has now gone "Astray".

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Watch the music video for the song below.

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