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Loco Tranquilo

Sitting on a San Francisco rooftop strumming his guitar, Julián Gervasi looked out at the pastel panorama of his city. His fingers and tongues drifted to musical thoughts about creating the space and freedom for love to bloom on its own terms by allowing both people to be themselves.

In his wide-eyed, dreamy vocal aesthetic, Julián brought that to his free-associative musical project Loco Tranquilo and “Dimension Love” was born. As the second single from his upcoming EP, this eclectic bop blends psychedelic freak-folk sound with a ‘90s indie-pop melody, and a beachy, summertime sound.

With a spicy, arpeggiated guitar line that fades into falsetto “oohs” and an incredibly soulful sax solo at 1:17, it’s hard to pin “Dimension Love” into any one genre. That unique combination is clearly captured in mind-bending lyrics like “One day, I’ll taste a flower and say your name” and grounded appeals like “I’m waiting for you to come. Do what you want.”

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Even the funky outro ends with a sudden stop, breaking from the expected. We’re left to make our own “love dimension.”

Stream Dimension Love” below.

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