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Hybrid Kid

Hybrid Kid are a three-piece indie rock band who's played from the US to the UK. Finally, back in Ole Blighty, they're dropping their latest singing, "Change Your Mind".

As you'd expect from a piece entitled "Change Your Mind", the rhythmic and harmonic shifts throughout the track flicker between two states. Despite the vastly different tonalities, Hybrid Kid merge them seamlessly together.

Starting with light and springy arpeggios, the same chord progression carries through into the first major shift at 1:25. Long, held chords fill the previously articulated space creating a heavy mellowness. Danny's voice continues to bounce on the back of each beat, languidly pulling the melody from bar to bar.

But then Danny's voice stops. Tim's bass and Fabio's drums propel us through an instrumental wave. The catchy hooks from the first two sections reappear but in a new guise. And then there's a return to that B tonality as Danny picks back up the lyrics.

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Each section feels distinct and yet cohesive. Their tightly woven togetherness isn't really obvious until the last few bars. The guitar, bass, and vocals all drop away. The stripped-back percussion, a bedrock from the beginning, takes the piece out into silence.

Stream "Change Your Mind" below.

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