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Sitting in a dark apartment with friends, an ice storm raging outside, and the only light twinkling from a few candles, you share some warm sake and reflect on a complex, yet somehow perfect moment. And you realize, you'll never have that moment again.

There's a melancholic joy—you're happy, but it's impermanent. Husbands took that moment and crystalized the contentment and that feeling of being "bummed" on the title track from their latest EP, Liked to Party.

"Reminded me of old days when my friends all liked to party," Husbands quietly state. Their dense vocal chords resonate with reverb, simultaneously surrounded by friends and yet alone in an emptiness. The atmospheric bed of sound they build each word over is a laid-back lament. The four and a quarter minutes of "Liked to Party" offer you all the time you need to explore the moment, but like every song, you know it will end.

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As the final chords ring out, vibrations wrapping around the final beats of percussion and instruments dropping or fading away, you're left with a bittersweet taste. It's over. And you're longing for the moment to repeat.

Stream "Liked to Party" below.

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