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Holding Hour release new single "Come Undone"

Iowa indie duo Holding Hour have dropped their latest single, "Come Undone", which is the second to be unveiled off of their upcoming debut EP. A hauntingly beautiful track that delves deep into themes of longing and desire to fit someone else's expectations, Marissa Kephart and Scott Yoshimura through "Come Undone" capture the toxicity brought about by changing one's self just to be loved.

In an Instagram post, Kephart acknowledged El Kempner's contribution to "carving this one out" for the latter's help in finding her voice. "I was starting to understand my personal aesthetic and how I wanted the songs I wrote to capture an ethereal and dreamy feel that floated up and over but was also tethered to this underlying current of darkness to keep it grounded," she said of the song.

"In writing this, I had revisited a moment in time when I had left my East Coast art school college to visit my then-boyfriend from back home in the Midwest for winter break," Kephart revealed, adding, "I found myself standing in front of large slabs of dead animals that I had been meticulously cutting the fat off at his family's meat locker, where he worked in a town of 1,181 people. I stood alongside these other women who swapped stories of local townspeople, and in a flash, I saw my future if I were to choose to stay with him. Though I felt I loved him, in that first love kind of way, the life (or death?) that lay before me was never going to fit the dreams I started to feed, no matter how hard I tried."

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The duo of Kephart and Yoshimura, formerly known as Elison, have been actively putting out singles since 2021. With a focus on introspective lyricism and lush, dreamy instrumentation, the pair quickly earned their spot in the indie scene and are now set to release their first-ever EP. Following last month's "Parallel Lines", "Come Undone" continues to showcase Holding Hour's flair for nostalgia-inducing sounds and evocative allure.

Listen to "Come Undone" below.

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