Thursday, November 30, 2023
Herbert Walker

That dizzying feeling of falling in love, a spiral both up and down, has enticed songwriters for centuries. Herbert Walker’s “Polar Pop” adds their own spin on the popular theme as the first single from their upcoming full-length album.

From the opening bars, they create a stop-and-start harmony in the verses. The push and pull echo the fear and hope of budding love. As they describe it, it’s both a dance and a dirge.

Pops of colorful guitars and interjecting horns butt in on its wonderful insecurity, building a complex and dynamic image of the romantic’s mental state. Even the lyrics talk about this kind of attraction, yanking them around from thought to thought. “Our head’s colliding,” they croon at one point.

The 5-piece band doesn’t stop at harmonic and melodic treatment to convey this point of view. Throughout the bridge, the band adds an odd timbre to some instruments. It’s almost a sour note, but it slides into the harmony beautifully. Every aspect melts into this thoughtful take on the classic theme. You can’t help but remember your own love stories.

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Stream “Polar Pop” below.

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