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Somewhere out in the Indian Ocean, a group of scientists discovered a new pod of whales. Their songs, never heard before, helped inspire Glenn Thomas to write his own "Whale Song".

As he sings it, these "misunderstood leviathans out there in the blue, singing sweet songs to each other" are what reminded him of his love. As they sing their own love songs to each other, identifying who they are and where they are in their own metaphorical darkness, it's easy to parallel your own lover.

"Yeah, we keep singing to each other, singing baby, I love you," he ends the chorus. Light guitar picking pops under the words, helping them float along gracefully.

And as Glenn's gentle vocals percolate over a swelling, atmospheric harmony, Luke Schneider lends a whale-like steel guitar glide with an ambient pedal, adding to the ocean ambiance. The lens of the whale extends from lyric to chord, each moment resonating with a warmth and connectedness. "We got our own thing going," he sings to his lover, and the quirky truth is universal.

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Stream "Whale Song" below.

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