Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Look around. Sometimes we know we need a major change but willfully ignore it. But not Florie Namir. In her latest single, the second from her upcoming EP, she brings that urgency to the surface. “Far, Far Away” is our wake-up call.

The classical strings that open “Far, Far Away” carry an earnestness. They’re slightly sweet, yet with a chiding undertone, like a mother looking at their child’s messy room. It sets the stage for some beautiful vocal gymnastics that bend and swing the pitch to play with our hearts.

“My lack of sleep is starting to show,” she admits. Her situation is breaking down while the harmony continues to grow. And while she paints the perfect outcome clearly, she freely confesses “the only downside is that it seems so far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far away.”

But it’s not negative. Her clear, bright voice may be laced with world-weariness, but there’s optimism that fights back against the world’s best efforts to snuff it out. The chorus of ahs shares a similar hopefulness.

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And while we may not have changed by the time “Far, Far Away” ends, it feels like we can take that first step.

Stream “Far, Far Away” below.

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