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Adrian Sieber

Better known for playing with the Lovebugs (no. 1 albums in Ireland and playing with The Rolling Stones tends to get your name noticed), Adrian Sieber's solo work is a very different side of his musical skillset.

His previous two singles, "It's Serious" and "Slave to the Algorithm", have moodier themes, they still feel unified with "Over My Head". Which makes sense—Adrian wrote his latest single as the optimistic conclusion to this "song trilogy."

The happy chords bouncing from the keys lead right into the almost giddy opening lines, "I want you." Direct and unadorned, it sets the mood for this sorta sappy synth-pop wonder. From the first beats, your toes start tapping.

It's a dazzling mixture of opposites. His airy falsetto floats over verses, but the chorus reveals a slightly sultry baritone. The chime-like chords accenting the offbeat sparkle next to the groovy bass line at 1:09 that grounds the bright aural atmosphere. The yin and yang merge with frenetic energy, illustrated in the rapid-fire hi-hats and arpeggiated vocal lines that cross Adrian's passaggio.

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 "Will this ever get inside your head?" he asks, right before the bass drops a final earworm lick. Find out for yourself.

Stream "Over My Head" below.

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