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When you move to a new city, there’s a journey to find friends and a community. Before you find your band of brothers, sisters, and siblings, things feel gray. small pockets beautifully paints that rich tapestry in “good reason”.

As the music video starts, the bold color swaths immediately capture your attention. The world has color, but the protagonist is muted. It’s not until he finds people looking to wander a forest and float down a river that any color appears in him.

Best new tracks

Sam Celentano – “No Song” March 31, 2022 by Hans Abila
Kabinett – “Blueberry Lips” April 25, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Sarpa Salpa - Dreaming Sarpa Salpa – “Dreaming” May 10, 2022 by Ben McCoy

The light, airy music underneath this transformation guides him along. The bright instrumental melody tugs at his sleeves, insisting something new happens. Joey Kirby’s quiet, cautious voice slowly becomes brighter and bigger as color fills his character.

By the time he sings that he’s “on solid ground now with calloused hands,” he’s a vibrant rainbow swirl beside his friends. The instruments interject serene moments as a kite flies and energetic ones as colors swirl. Even stuck in his dead-end job, he is filled with color, spilling into customers. Even here, he holds onto his new community.

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Watch “good reason” below.


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