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I Want Poetry

Peace is powerful. A quiet amidst the storm sparks with energy, and yet it can wrap you in comfort and hope. The latest single, "Solace", from I Want Poetry channels that electric feeling with a cinematic shine.

That nuance is captured at every moment, opening with a tone ramping up to full volume. From that first note, the quiet and the sound's presence merge. "There's solace in the quiet and in a tree and in the leaves and in a drop of water," Tine von Bergen's haunting voice intones.

The swelling harmony from Till Moritz Moll creates an ethereal soundscape. You can feel the exploration almost like it's a physical space. "Hope surrounds us," I Want Poetry stated, but only if you "pause and listen." "Solace" is that chance to stop and attune to your surroundings.

The subdued percussion, especially in the chorus, allows the vocal rhythms to guide listeners through the space. Strings, synths, and vocal harmony swell to evoke each new moment of encouragement for this world.

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Nominated for Best Song by the German Songwriting Awards, "Solace" is the first single from I Want Poetry's upcoming EP of the same name, promising even more head-spinning music.

Stream "Solace" below.

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