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The Shop Window

Figure out what do you really want with The Shop Window’s new single “Out of Reach”

Jam out with bright guitars and energetic vocals as the world outside rumbles along.

At once surprising and nostalgic, The Shop Window open their latest single with a bright guitar melody laced dripping with reverb. Carl Mann, Sinom “Syd” Oxlee, Martin Corder, and Phil Elphee created this beautiful blend of synths, wet guitars, retro harmonies, and timeless lyrics called “Out of Reach”.

“Thinking of a space beyond the ceiling,” they muse. The vocal harmony, ghostly and blended neatly between the vocals and instruments in the mix, feels just “out of reach,’ mirroring the song’s title.

Despite the name “Out of Reach”, the song lingers on a positive vibe. While we’re all “trapped in a bubble,” as the band claims (an apt expression for the quarantine 2020 inflicted on us), we’re still figuring things out. And maybe, just maybe, there’s an epiphany moment where we realize the things we want are already here. It only appears like “all the things that you love” are out of reach.

As the music fades, we’re left with the tick-tock of a fading clock. Time’s running out to grasp what we want. Will we continue to lie on our beds, staring at the ceiling as the world passes us by? Or, as the uplifting harmony suggests, will we see what we already have. Find out for yourself.

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Watch “Out of Reach” below.

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