Who is Donna? Dilettante create a sexual desire, clad in tight leather pants who gyrates on the dance floor. They pine for Donna in the aptly named single, “Donna”.

The quintet paints a visceral picture of this “one bad apple to core.” She’s hard and flirtatious, but just out of reach for the innocent singer. Or is she? After all the retro throwback synth moments and guitar licks, there’s a moment when Donna throws her jacket to the floor.

It’s the “now or never” moment Dilettante has built to—and they leave us there. We’re pulled away as these two women lock eyes. The steamy encounter left to our imaginations.

But for a fictional muse, Donna leaves factual drama. Sure the cheeky lines might be heavy-handed at times, but that’s why they’re fun. You’re invested in the goofiness just as you are in the sultry image of Donna.

There’s a reason “Donna” holds both the lyrics, “I want to be her” and “I want to love you.” She’s who we want to be just as much as who we want to love. And who doesn’t want to be the image of their own ride-or-die?

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Stream “Donna” below.

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