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The Ireland-based pop rock band N.O.A.H. step even deeper into their vibrant sound with another adrenaline-pumping single. "Darkest Hour" is rightly darker and grittier than their first release, "Shine", but retains those magical sparkling accents.

The almost jubilant opening of "Darkest Hour" quickly crashes back to its adversarial roots. "It's been a week since I felt normal," Ryan Hill offers, almost as an excuse for this dark hour. The devastating lyrics, rumbled across the energetic guitar and drums, hype the conflict of fighting your low points.

The quick tune stays true to N.O.A.H.'s centralized theme: new beginnings. As the chorus walks down the triad with "oohs" doubled by brass, the song begs for a revelation and a new section.

And the new section emerges. Adam Rooney drives the growing dusky center of the song with rhythmic bass. Ronan Hynes pulls the narrative from scene to scene with ever more animated percussion. By the time the song reaches its conclusion, the vitality pent up from sonically rendering this struggle explodes into a wild outro resolving with a single resounding chord echoing into the ether.

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Stream "Darkest Hour" below.

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