Lone Wild

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Lone Wild are back to kick off the summer after quarantine with a brand-new single. Channeling the childhood angst of being grounded, they turned the lockdown into “Locktup”.

The whole song is an escape from the crazy 2020 brought. From racial injustice, a contentious election, the draining pandemic, and every other pessimistic story the media blasted on repeat, Lone Wild gave everyone a moment to breathe and let the negativity “take a backseat.”

The danceable rhythms bounce along with the percussive vocal energy of the verses. Ashkan Karimi’s pops of falsetto lighten the texture, keeping everything leaping along. By the time they slide into the smoother chorus, the energy hasn’t dropped a notch. “I’m stuck in quarantine/ Come and set my soul free, please,” they plead.

The fun angst carries through into the lyrics (“blah, blah, blah”) and instrumental attitude. With dry plucks with heavy echo, the grungy rhythm feels like a protest in its own right.

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Lone Wild’s sprinkled ear candy throughout, building fun timbres into every beat. There’s even a light sound like keys jangling—teasing a breakout from lockdown.

Start your freeing summer with Lone Wild.

Stream “Locktup” below.


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