“We play a game of hide and seek,” Esabalu teases Freddy Hall right at the beginning of “I’ll Come Right Over”, the first single from Esabalu’s upcoming EP, Moon. That desire to come right out and say you want someone is often a two-way street, both parties hiding and hoping the other one gives away their position first.

“Tell me that you want it bad, and I’ll come right over,” they both sing. The sparse harmony opening wide for both voices to speak the words they want the other to say. It’s complexity boiled down into catchy simplicity.

Even in the beginning, a complex African-inspired rhythmic progression gives way to the vocals, letting them shine, first Esabalu, then Freddy Hall. Finally, they sing together. The vocal merging then drops away for its own innuendo: a heavenly moment of instrumental bliss at 2:27.

The bombastic conclusion, complete with R&B vocal flair and indie-pop harmonies, quiets down in the final bars. It’s like they’ve already come over. Now they’re just waiting to hear those words again.

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Stream “I’ll Come Right Over” below.

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