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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

A quick search on Google for "songs or albums that share the same title" returns about 329 million results in a split second. (Like, it's not just you who's bored enough to go for it.) The same is true for when you look up "releases that share the same release date", it's just that none of the results really answers the query. Just a bunch of irrelevant forums and whatnots.

Today we are pretty excited to share to you five all-new songs from five totally different artists we discovered a while back—and which all happened to share the same release date! Without further ado, welcome to this unusual premiere. Have a listen to these shimmering fresh tracks and maybe tell us what's with July the 18th.

In no particular order…

Easy Honey – "The Gruel"

Sounds like: Wilco, Weezer, Arctic Monkeys

So what: They don't really sound like them. They're a boy band. Love 'em.

Easy Honey are Weezer and Wilco's love children who used to play Uno with The Shins and Arctic Monkeys before moving to Charleston. Found them while looking for some new misfits to listen to. This four-piece is a hell of a find. Pinky swear. "'The Gruel' is a straight-up rocker that will commandeer your hips while liberating your mind. It is a call to confront your inner-freak and awaken 'the gruel' that lurks within. The battle cry of a chorus facilitates this transformation—from conformity to savagery—and is best captured whilst moshing among strangers wearing masks. Feast your ears and take heed." Okay, okay. Point taken.

Korine – "Cold Heart"

Sounds like: The Cure, Joy Division, New Order, M83

So what: It's your loss if you skip this.

This one's from Philadelphia based electronic pop duo Korine. Together, Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye blend new wave nostalgia with modern pop sensibilities, contrasting upbeat rhythms against sullen, emotionally evocative lyrics. The duo recently signed to Born Losers Records Morgy says of the track: "We actually wrote this song a while ago (it's the 'oldest' song on the record) and have been playing it live long before we had an actual recording. I wanted it to have a similar intensity to one's inner most thoughts, questioning reality and self, spiraling into moments from the past and future."

Kelsey – "Begging"


Sounds like: Adele, Amy Whinehouse, Taylor Swift

So what: She's independent, raw, sweet.

Kelsey Hillock, better known by her mononym Kelsey, is one of the most exciting folk-pop acts to emerge this year. The Pittsburgh-based musician today returned with a special offering called "Begging". "It is a song written for people in my life I can't change," she says of the single. While her last two releases ("Cold Rain" and "Middle School") share the same electronic pop vigor, this new piece from the singer-songwriter illustrates her folk and country pop genius, which we certainly want more of.

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Blondfire – "Marigold"

Sounds like: The Sundays, The Corrs, Avril Lavigne

So what: This has been on repeat!

Erica Driscoll, professionally known as Blondfire, today dropped "Marigold", a feel-good summery track she co-wrote with her brother Bruce and husband Wally Gagel. With voice reminiscent of Harriet Wheeler's, Driscoll perfectly delivers a fresh, lively mood with this sweet indie rock gem. "'Marigold' is an anthem about being true to yourself. No regrets, breaking out and shining your light for the world to see. I had been going back and listening to a lot of my favorite bands like Oasis, Catherine Wheel, The Stone Roses, etc., so there's definitely a nod to the '90s in this one," Driscoll claims. "It seems like everyone could really use a bit of the positive energy this song has right now."

sym fera – "little things"

Sounds like: sym fera

So what: It's sym fera.

Definitely the most mysterious and thought-provoking of all five. With nothing more than a monochromatic video riddled with foreshadowing, anonymous duo sym fera's follow-up to last year's "darkness visible" is nothing short of a wake-up call. Here's what they say of the track: "'little things' is about corruption, specifically about how corruption of the individual can lead to corruption of the state and the globe. It matters what kinds of people are granted great power, so the video is a collage of one powerful man's memories and fantasies as he goes about his morning routine getting dressed. These private mental moments reveal much about who he really is, and yet they are always by definition inaccessible to everyone with which he interacts, and over which he exerts influence."

There you go. From now on, whenever someone asks Google about "releases that share the same release date" they'll most likely end up here. Thankfully these are some sick tunes to come across!

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