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Australian-based Chutney bring the drive and self-doubt associated with trying to find real love. Inspired by a quote in Sir Elton John's biopic, Rocketman, "Invisible" traces the inner monologue of someone feeling unlucky in love.

"Real love is hard to come by/ She'll take whatever she can get/ You cut a certain silhouette," they concede. Matt Hansford's vocals touch the tender truths, raw with pain and quiet with surrender.

"Am I invisible? Dragging you down?" they ask. The driving drums and bass push the harmony along, the answer disappearing before it has a chance to fully form. The honeyed vocal harmonies building each musical moment fade in and out of the sonic texture in a very Artic Monkeys type of way.

From the chill opening filled with seduction to the final half cadences pitching up like questions, the descent into insecurity tumbles along the steady beat. We're swept away with no vocal hooks to latch on to. Even the chorus is replaced by a muted electric guitar solo leading to a wordless outro, removing the character from the narrative step by step until they're invisible.

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Stream "Invisible" below.

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