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Despite the theme, Mesmeriser are at their prime in "All In Good Time"

An emotive struggle about feeling past your prime resonating through sorrowful guitar lines and powerful lyrics.

It's easy to compare yourself with others. Mesmeriser's frontman Myles Fischer heard the news of Billie Eilish picking up Grammy after Grammy at the ripe old age of 19. Are you past your prime if you didn't peak before you can drink? That's what the second single off Mesmeriser's upcoming EP SOLD! explores. Spoiler alert: Mesmeriser's deep look in "All In Good Time" proves they are far from past their prime.

From the opening bars dripping in wet reverb, a reflective tone stretches out. The sorrowful opening line quietly intones, "Please don't waste your time on me. I'm already gone." Even in the major chords, the struggle with self-worth rings out.

Mesmeriser categorized this character wrestling with his worth as a "corporate drone." That fits nicely with the theme of SOLD! The EP tracks this same "corporate drone" through their life in a call center. But, metaphysical twist, it's God's call center where "not only is your job on the line, but your soul is too."

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With that kind of stakes, the highly emotive distorted guitar near the end of "All In Good Time" takes on new meaning. It's wailing not for glory but for fear of damnation. The quiet, stripped-down repetition of the opening lyric breaks the last thread of hope, completing an incredibly moving introspection of our increasingly agist world.

Stream "All In Good Time" below.

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