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Conner Garvey

Loving someone with depression isn't easy. Trying to help, heal, and process can feel simultaneously exhausting and yet not enough. Connor Garvey's heartfelt "Water to the Well" poetically captures that energy.

The track opens with strong, commanding chords, but they only serve to underscore the ineffectiveness power has. Connor has the power to do so many things, like fixing leaky faucets and patching holes in roofs, yet there's no tool to "bring water to the well." You can almost hear the tear behind his eye when he sings, "I can't make you love yourself like I do."

Connor describes the track as "slower than walking pace." It offers all the time and space to "sink into the song." But even with the elongated beats, there's so much to say between the words. Connor says the "oooo" at 1:50 represents frustration to the point where you can't access words. But the wordless wisdom doesn't stop there.

There's a sad, wishful tone to the guitars. And the interludes between vocals are packed with notes conveying all the emotions words are inadequate to capture. When Conner states "my love is a home, not a cell," every note has built to it. And as the two lovers harmonize on "I do," it feels like a marriage promise that they'll both heal together.

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Stream "Water to the Well" below.

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