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Liz Jones

Is helping yourself by helping others still altruistic? That moral conundrum rests at the heart of Liz Jones's latest single, "Bounty". As she wrestles with personally profiting, we're taken along for this rocking debating.

Her stirring voice punches through the powerful harmony of the guitars. "I'm not the kind to be greedy." But we can't help but hear the desire bubbling beneath the command to "take me way down to where the bounty is found." Yet she also says that she'll keep her "brothers close by to share the weight."

The surprising twists and turns of the instrumental licks double this two-sided view. When we expect a clean resolution, Liz Jones offers us a turn; we expect a turn, and we find ourselves back at home on the tonic. Even the timbral choices she makes sometimes contradicts the emotion behind the music, making us see the melodic line in a new light.

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We're not given a simple answer to her question. We must find our own answer in the contradiction as we continue to help both ourselves and others to her entrancing music.

Stream "Bounty" below.

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