Thursday, November 30, 2023

When life’s more than we can handle, there are two ways to feel better—solution or distraction. Chargr takes that breaking point and offers the distraction with their new single, “Junk”.

“This is just junk we don’t need,” they reiterate over and over while a man with a bucket on his head white-guy dances. Juxtapose that with a mellow cheerleader rah-rah-ing you on and slightly detuned chords. With abandon, they let you dream of change while reveling in the frustration. You may feel stuck, but the moment of silly offers salvation.

The popping wood blocks and funky guitar put a smile on your face even as your decisions feel mired in repetition. “I have got one mind, and it’s stone,” Chargr laments. There’s no escape in sight, so why fight? Play with the silly and dream of change.

So, just follow the dancing distractions as they bounce from word to word on the glitchy, scratched video. They can’t offer you a solution, but that’s not what you need right now. With jazz fingers and choral ahs, breath in your breaking point and all the crazy that comes with it.

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Watch “Junk” below.

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