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It's true that most of the time, what we feel as people are momentary. That's why we choose to ignore or move on from them. But sometimes, all of these are just too much to simply suppress, nearing our breaking point.

This experience is what Long Island alternative rock band An Old Friend convey to listeners with their latest single titled "Flower Glass". It tells of a person caught in the riptides of the sea, forced to do everything to stay afloat, whilst their companion chooses to reside in complacency, too preoccupied with what's inside their own mind to even acknowledge what's happening.

In "Flower Glass", color is emotion. The song has a recurring theme of this, which becomes even more evident with the lyrics "there's a shade of pink in the sky, but we don't know why we see it," representing the unknown that we as people might come to fear. Tom Flynn's masterfully crafted psychedelic music video blurs the line between "simply color" and human feeling even more in the most satisfying way possible.

All of this is extremely heightened and reinforced by lead singer Cody Kohler's strong, soulful vocals. The back and forth Kohler has in the second half of the song with a seemingly more distorted self is nothing short of transcending. Coupled with the familiarity yet complexity of the music, the listener is thrust into an even stronger sense of relatability with the track.

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"Flower Glass" perfectly encapsulates the depth and desperation of human emotion. So if you're ever going through a lot of pent-up feelings, go give this song a listen.

Watch the music video for "Flower Glass" below.

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