Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Ten years ago, BYRH (aka Sam Hersey) wrote a simple melody. A decade later, they’ve brought it to the world, opening their latest single, “Pinkish Clouds”. The high-energy track vibrantly exclaims wistful, deep, and at times bewildering sentiments about love. But, given the subject matter, that all seems perfectly appropriate.

The track’s upfront about the swirl of emotions. “I don’t know how it is I feel,” they sing. Each moment cascading into another, the song flutters along. Glittering guitars balance out the diving feedback, suspending the harmony in its own transient push and pull.

Each experience they sing about builds until they reach the conclusion. As it slows into half-time, the lyrics shift. There’s a darker sentiment as they sing about how they “can’t talk about it,” but it never feels fatalistic. In fact, they resolve into a resonant major chord, shimmering into nothing as everything fades out. From start to finish, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions leaving you wanting more.

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Stream “Pinkish Clouds” below.

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