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Good Morning Bedlam

Giving up on a dream can be freeing. Growing up means changing your perspectives, needs, and wants. Good Morning Bedlam tackle that against-the-grain axiom in the titular single from their upcoming album, Lulu.

In the chorus, Good Morning Bedlam sing about seeing their names scrolling down the screen. But as Isaac Elker sings, "Lulu, when I look at you, I see no chance of pushing through. And I must be the one to say goodnight," we see the honest conversation for what it is: vying for freedom.

That clarity of message is starkly clear at 3:25. Up to this point, the song has a vintage, almost black-and-white cinematic feel to it. But with a swell of energy, it feels like everything bursts into technicolor. It's orchestral without the orchestra.

Victoria Elker and Sophia Mae's vocal harmonies sparkle through, adding a rich depth to the sound. The grand feeling draws a powerful conclusion as the energy subsides, the sound dies down, and the tempo steadily slows for the conclusion. It's almost like we're shutting the chapter on this old idea and looking toward what comes next.

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Stream "Lulu" below.

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