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Brian Elliot

Shot on Super 8 film, the music video for Brian Elliot's latest single, "Strange", opens with a stripped-down, almost retro vibe. Film grain clutters the frame as sturdy drums beat and vulnerable vocals announce, "I have a voice calling out my name."

"Strange" charts a cinematic journey across the strangeness of a normal life. "It's the strangest life I've ever known," he admits. Vignettes in the music video mirror the musical etchings in the song. When Brian sings about looking down on Earth, the video hints at classics sci-fi tropes while the instrumentation introduces an eerie theremin sound. As we shift to a Spaghetti Western desert in the music video, a string quartet backs up Brian's lyricism narrating this next portion of life.

From melismatic moments to false endings to a pitch-shifted organ outro, each moment carries a surprise. But for every stylistic shift, switch, or jump, it remains grounded with a unifying drumbeat. Even with the drum itself drops out, the pulse remains to unify the uplifting, motivating, and sometimes piercingly personal moments of this indie tour de force.

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Watch "Strange" below.

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