Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Onyi Moss

“Men can lie and nations fall,” Onyi Moss proclaims in her second single, “Miracle Man”. From the global perspective to your personal life, finding a “miracle man” promising the world with no way to deliver is easy to do. And when you’re in a relationship with such a manipulator, Moss has your back, lending your voice power to break free from the noxious cycle they trap you in.

Her percussive vocal moments punctuate power into the smooth, comforting moments. With the stripped-back harmony, her voice resonates strength. “Miracle man, go away.”

The acoustic foundation allows Moss to tell her story in a universal way. It’s a personal introspection, yet with a universal appeal. It harkens back to the bygone era of the classic singer-songwriter.

If you find yourself suffering in this circle of broken promises, sing along to “Miracle Man”. Just proclaiming some of the lyrical gems, like I don’t believe in the miracles they speak of,” can lend you Moss’s strength. The strong beat can drive you. And the painful honesty can comfort you when that’s what you need most.

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Stream “Miracle Man” below.

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