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For as far back as there has been love, there have been cheaters. And where there are cheaters, there are spectators enjoying the show. HURU invites us to be spectators in a story of suspicion, betrayal, and heartbreak in her first single of 2022, "Guilty".

With a strong beat akin to RnB, HURU opens up with this intimate tale, putting us right beside her as she confronts the faithless lover. "You better come clean, or I'll figure it out," she cries, virtually every syllable falling on a beat like she's forcing this message out. The musicality behind that sonic storytelling pulls you into the tale like you're there.

The eclectic electronic harmony perfectly blends the jealousy, anger, and pain HURU sings about. "You look so guilty," she announces in the chorus. The catchy hook repeating those words drills those words into the rhythm, inseparable from the emotional tonality of the instruments. Even the backbeat sounds like someone getting slapped.

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"Your love has been so inconsistent," she later states. It's like she had ignored the inevitable ending of this story with the naΓ―ve hope it would change. And only now, after a litany of red flags, we've arrived at "Guilty".

Stream "Guilty'" below.

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