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Bella Marcy

The famed halls of Versailles are bedecked with brilliant art, intricate carved panels, and a storied past. Bella Marcy merges this visual poetry with the raw emotion of love in her second single, "Versailles".

A single lecture at UCLA on Versailles melded with Bella Marcy's personal thoughts when she was expecting a call from her boyfriend. The startlingly simple metaphor offers such a deep comparison to the complexities of love.

"I lock up, baby, when you walk on by," she opens. The chain across a door, the hesitancy of desire, and the ache of yearning for something out of reach flit through just a few bars.

Bella Marcy's sultry voice draws you in with that same overwhelming sense of love and want. But as the intimate verses shift into the chorus, it's like the crowds have appeared. An intense energy bursts from the harmony, enveloping and consuming the vocals. And then it dies back down to a quiet closeness.

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With every mention of Versailles, the metaphor (both lyrically and harmonically), adds to our picture of this love. It's an encapsulation of beauty, refinement, unbridled expression of love.

Stream "Versailles" below.

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