Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sometimes it’s easy to spot the patterns in our lives. We might have “a type” we date or a reoccurring pitfall that pops up when it’s least wanted. When we don’t want those patterns, it can be difficult to break the cycle. A Beacon School condenses that helplessness to change a pattern into five and a half minutes with their latest single, “Dot”.

The opening bars of “Dot” are comforting, soothing synths. It’s fuzzy and atmospheric, like watching the stars on a warm night. But at 1:31, the energy kicks in. The swirling harmonies engulf the lyrics. By 3:12, the energy fades into a repeating tone, paving the way for a glitchy beat. Throughout the tour of timbre, there’s a constant—the melody.

No matter what changes, we’re trapped with the melodic pattern, “because it’s no different.” We can see the harmonic patterns emerging, but we’re powerless to control them. The melody carries on through in its own propulsive way over the ever-changing textures.

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As multi-instrumentalist Patrick J. Smith‘s first release in three years, “Dot” is a tour de force from A Beacon School.

Stream “Dot” below.

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